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A Picture and a Promise

September 27, 2010

 Okay, here is my picture (blurry) and the promise. . .   I promise you that one day I will go back to Rays Pege and take a better picture of the kick ass (can I say kick ass here Sarah?) sign outside. 

But, you see, this is about more than just the sign. . . this is about a legacy, about history, about our culture in Louisiana. . .

Okay, maybe it’s not about all of that, but it is about one DAMN good sandwich. . ..

I don’t have a recipe. . . don’t really have much else to say except to praise the wonder that is Rays Pege.  I was going to say that this joint offers the best food in North Louisiana, but then I realized that’s not much of a compliment when you consider it.  But, I do feel safe saying that the roast beef poboy that I order when I go is the best in the state.  I know this because after my first visit, I went home to Podunk, Louisiana, craving roast beef poboys and tried more than I could count on my fingers and toes at restaurants, gas stations, burger joints. . . and was disappointed every time.  The fries are pretty freaking awesome too.  Sigh. . . This is definitely worth a six hour drive. . . And, if you remember your tripod and show up at night, you might even snag an awesome photo of a vintage neon sign. 

Home made fries

1 potato  (or more, depending on how hungry you are)


cast iron (or other heavy) pot

Heat oil in the pot.  Chop the potato.  Fry it.  Sprinkle it with Tony Cachere’s. 

This is so simple.  Why do we forget sometimes how much better home made food is?

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